SkyDrive 2.1 (Ipad)

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  • Added: 07/06/2012
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Os Support: iPhone OS
  • Pros
    Lots of storage space
    Upload photos and video
  • Cons
    No document editing
    Very limited compared to web version

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Microsoft's SkyDrive for iOS lets you access the cloud storage system from your iPhone or iPad. It is limited compared to the web app, letting you upload photo and video, and most read-only most files.

SkyDrive has always had one big advantage - it offers 25 gigabytes of free storage space. You can store pretty much any file type you want in it, and create public, private, editable and read-only links to any file or folder. On iOS, this is more limited.

You can create folders, and upload photos or videos from your iOS device. You'll be able to view documents, and compatible music and video too. Crucially though, you cannot edit things like Word or Excel files. If you want to create and edit shared documents on iOS, Google Docs is a much better option.

SkyDrive lets you access your cloud-storage files, but little else, and really needs better editing and uploading features to become genuinely useful.

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