Infinity Blade II 1.3 (Ipad)

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  • Added: 08/03/2012
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Full Version
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Os Support: iPhone OS
  • Pros
    Beautiful graphics
    Polished gameplay
    Lots of enemy variety
  • Cons
    Still linear



Infinity Blade II is the sequel to 2010’s Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade II improves on every aspect of the original, making it one of the best iOS games released.

While Infinity Blade II can run on iOS 3.2 and earlier hardware, players will want to try out the game on the latest hardware available.

Infinity Blade II adds more variety on every level with different enemies, weapons, and items. Weapons now have gem slots that add different status effects. The character status screen is more organized and much cleaner. The upgrade system remains the same from the first game, but includes more customization.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Infinity Blade II are impressive for mobile devices. Combining highly detailed character models with a larger variety of environments, Infinity Blade II also adds precise lighting creating an almost console quality experience.

The sound of Infinity Blade II is very similar to Infinity Blade, but the sound effect library adds new sounds for enemies. Play with headphones as that is the best way to experience Infinity Blade II.


Gameplay remains the same. Swiping and touching the screen blocks and attacks with the magic and super attack in the upper corners of the screen. Infinity Blade II adds heavy two-handed weapons and dual wielding which changes the balance of attack and defense. Thinking strategically is even more important.

Infinity Blade II is still linear, but not as structured as Infinity Blade. The game adds a story, which is vague, but the characters now speak English. Chair Entertainment really looked beyond the gameplay and bulked up the world of Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade II is an excellent game and one of the best for mobile devices.

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