Bird Strike 1.5.2 (Ipad)

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  • Added: 07/06/2012
  • Downloads:100
  • Size: 0 B
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: PikPok
  • Requirements: iTunes (PC) or iTunes (Mac).
  • Os Support: iPhone OS
  • Pros
    Fun graphics
    Addictive, pick-up-and-play gameplay
    Two game modes
  • Cons
    World Tour is too easy



Bird Strike is a fun game of skill, inspired by the wonderful Doodle Jump iPhone game.

The object of Bird Strike is to send your feathered friend soaring high into the stratosphere. The bird starts off on a clothes line, which you need to pull back and let go to launch him. It's then a case of trying to grab hold of one of the many rockets that litter the sky, which will help you gain altitude. Miss the rockets and the bird will come hurtling back to earth at breakneck speed.

There are two different game modes in Bird Strike: World Tour and Endless. World Tour mode consists of a series of nine levels set across USA, Asia and Europe. You need to reach a set number of points before you can progress to the next level. Points in Bird Strike are scored in by collecting peanuts, smashing objects and collecting certain items.

There are loads of cool power-ups in Bird Strike you can pick up along the way in order to help you get past certain obstacles. Reach the top of the screen and you'll get zapped by a UFO, which will activate destruction mode. Here you turn invincible and get to fly back down through the level smashing stuff and picking up things you missed on the way up.

The Endless mode in Bird Strike, similar to the one in Doodle Jump, gives you an infinite amount of sky to try and scale. The object here is to get as many points as you can without falling off the bottom of the screen.

Bird Strike looks great, with fun cartoony graphics and some brilliant sound effects. However, it's the infectious gameplay that makes it so good. Bird Strike is one of those games you can pick up and play straight away, but which then becomes hard to put down. The trouble is, the World Tour mode is a little easy and you'll probably complete it fairly quickly.

If you liked Doodle Jump, your sure to enjoy Bird Strike's avian twist on the genre.

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